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About Us
Oban Phoenix Cinema was bought by the community in 2011 and reopened in 2012. A small group of volunteers got together to bring the venue up to date. It now offers a first-class auditorium with superb sound, lighting and digital projection in 2 and 3D. Oban Phoenix Cinema is a cinema and events venue open seven days and offers a full programme of films and much more.

We are owned by the community thanks to funding organisations and benefactors who have shared the vision and ambition for the former Highland Theatre turning it from a good cinema into a great cinema with the support of the local community. We play top quality modern films alongside older classics. We listen to our customers and we regularly play a viewers choice of films.

The cinema is run by a group of volunteers who employ a team of staff, including a general manager who organises the day-to-day running of the cinema. Every single person who is involved with the cinema is passionate about this venture. We are delighted to welcome people into the cinema as guests, as volunteers and we are especially keen to show groups of people around the cinema and share the good news.

In 2013, Oban Phoenix Cinema was awarded the SURF (Scottish Urban Regeneration Foundation) for community-led generation.

History of Oban Phoenix Cinema
The Oban Phoenix story starts in 2010, when the then Highland Theatre put the lights down on its last show and closed the doors to the public leaving the people of Oban and its surrounding areas with a 200 mile round trip if they wanted to go the pictures. A small group came together to form a steering group to save the cinema. They took on the challenge of running a community owned business. Word soon spread and the group found themselves growing in numbers, with the community behind them voicing their support through generous donations of time and money in a bid to bring the cinema back to the community.

In September 2011 all their hard work paid off and the group purchased the building. Work then began to create cinema and event’s venue to be proud of; one which meets the high standards of the modern arts entertainment experience found in larger cities and bigger venues but that also holds dear the atmosphere and values of an entertainment time gone by.

Oban Phoenix takes its name from the cinema building The Phoenix Cinema which was built in the 1950s to replace the original venue which stood on the very spot our venue now stands and had been destroyed by fire. We wanted the new name to reflect the efforts that have been made by so many to save the cinema and to illustrate that just like in the 1950s and just like the phoenix bird of mythology, we intend to rise from the ashes all the more beautiful and stronger from the experience.

We were created by the community and are here for the community so get involved, let us know your thoughts and ideas and most importantly use us, we would love to see you fill up our seats and the show to never end.

Oban Phoenix Cinema is owned and operated by members of the local community, this means we have a strong focus toward community involvement and integration. We strive to work with as many community groups as possible to provide opportunities to educate, entertain, inform and raise funds in a collaborative manner. This month sees us undertake a large number of Community Events, details of which can be found here where you can also book tickets.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! There are no two ways about it, the Phoenix needs you. Volunteers are the lifeblood of the cinema – running the management board and assisting with the day-to-day running of the cinema. Volunteers help with various tasks some people do this once a month or every day, any support is accepted. For more information contact admin@obanphoenix.com and we will be more than happy to give you further information.

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