Oban Phoenix Cinema

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Why open a cinema?

There are lots of reasons why people are motivated to do things - re-opening the cinema in the middle of a recession when it had previously closed down was perhaps, in retrospect, is not the best idea the small band of instigators. 

The chairman back then, Mr Campbell Cameron didn't really believe in the words 'no' and 'can't' so he just ploughed on and didn't get drastracted in leading the group into building a small committee.
Long dark nights of filling out application forms and developing ideas finally ended with the opening of Oban Phoenix Cinema.

the Phoenix has now been running for five successful years since August 12. The first screening was Disney's Brave.

Over those years everyone and anyone involved with the cinema has been through and seen amazing changes in the way the building is used.

We have an East and a West Screen - one with 146 seats, and one with 22. 
In 2018 we are undertaking a major development programme.

We are located at 140 George Street, PA34 5NX

Phone 01631 562 905
Email cinema@obanphoenix.com

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