Advertise Your Business

On-screen advertising

What better way to advertise your business or event, than in your local cinema. 

Oban Phoenix Cinema has two screens;
Screen 1 - 148 Capacity
Screen 2 - 22 Capacity

We screen over 2,500 shows a year, which is over 40 shows per week.
Your advert could be seen by up to 4,000 customers per month!

Adverts can be stills, slide shows, or a video. 
Duration can vary, however we cannot accept adverts longer than 3 minutes.

Typically adverts are:
- 15 seconds
- 30 seconds
- 1 minute
- 2 minutes

To screen these, DCP format is preferred, however we can also convert the files for you.  

A number of packages are available for on-screen advertising. 


Programme Adverts

Soon we will be releasing an events booklet that will have some advertisement slots available. If you are interested, please email us at